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Singing for ghosts

I am attending a conference for Gregorian chant in Quebec. Today we were brought to a very large church that has a magnificent organ. The decor was beautiful but the church was in ruins. There is no priest so the tabernacle was empty. Above the high altar was a massivr crown.

I could not help but look at thr high altar and imagine how many times a priest would offer mass and elevate the host. I thought of all the people and their families attending this church with joy.

I looked and saw the disrepair. We were practicing for vespers but by this time, I was too sad to sing. I thought of all the lost souls, and the phantoms who would smell of chrism or incense. I was crushed and decided I could not sing for the ghosts,

I went to St Joseph’s oratory and again, was faced with an appalling indifference and ignorance of the faith. Does our Lord weep? Our Lady does.

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