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Our Secret Desire

When I was in Grade two, I fell in love with a handsome farmboy in my class. It was a secret crush and only I knew of it. I kept a button from Ricky's jacket for years. No one knew of my secret desire!

Ultimately we all seek love and approval. When we don't recieve it from our family we look elsewhere and often end up in destructive relationships all the while looking for someone who cares and who loves us!

When we feel as if we need someone to ´complete' us or look after us and who will solve all of our problems we are reacting from that wound or wounds of rejection.

Spend time alone and come to understand that you are worthy and made in the image of God. Develop strategies and interests or charity work to start to fill the ache.

We live in a very isolated place. We go to work, we go home and we close our doors to live in the womb of comfort that we have created. From our nests we look at the outside world with a studied indifference. If you have no nest you are on the outside where the pain of loneliness is keenly felt. It is, after all, our secret desire to be loved.

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