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Goodbye my friend

My faithful wonderful little therapy dog was euthanized yesterday. She had cancer on her tongue and was in considerable pain, In her last days she never wanted to leave my side.

Her death was very peaceful and she died beside me being told how loved she is, now and forever.

As a Roman Catholic I know she cannot see the beatific vision but she lived her 16 years, after a traumatic start in a puppy mill, with joy and love. She was a gentle loving soul who brought comfort to my clients and all she met. Her soul was expressed in love and loyalty.

I believe that when our beloved pets die they do not merely disappear but as part of God’s creation will exist in another form and receive a reward. How of course, I do not know.

As she was under sedation and being told I will be ok and she can go, I asked our Blessed mother and my guardian angel to comfort her. I offered my sorrow to Mary and my Luna had a very peaceful passage,

Thankyou my little friend!

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