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Salus in Domino

Transform Your Life Through Our  Psychotherapy Services

Karine Langley Ph.D, R.P. (French and English services provided)
Therapy Sessions



In today’s world, stress has made its way into our lives in many forms. It takes a toll on our mental and physical health.

I offer a range of psycho-therapy services to help you rediscover the best version of yourself.



Lack of reference to God is a key factor in many of our problems, with many relying on social media to direct them. Tolerance of all views has left some individuals lost and feeling like they have no compass. Practicing Catholic, former Navy and Prison Chaplain, trained to assist in multifaiths, I am here to help those who have theological, ethical or spiritual dilemmas.



I have treated children from ages 5 to 18. My approach is to get the parents involved and to arrive at a joint solution for both the child and the family.



Clients who have experienced trauma sometimes suffer from PTSD, the symptoms of which include nightmares, feelings of great insecurity, flashbacks and heightened anxiety.

My Approach

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About me

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Helpful Resources

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Due to the trauma I experienced in my home country, I was unable to sleep for months and worked at night due to my fear of horrific nightmares. 
As a result of listening to Dominican Compline before going to sleep, I was astonished to find that within one week my nightmares had greatly diminished and I was able to sleep.

Client T.M.

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