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Welcome to the Gender follies

Tickets on sale! Chose a gender..identify as whatever you wish to be. This is no mere cross dressing this is the real deal you can actually pick your gender. If you pick a gender you magically become that gender

Although the above sounds ridiculous, it is a result of the world that has decided there are no absolutes and all is subjective. We can define ourselves by our emotions and judge a situation on how it makes us feel. We now have advanced to another level where we can chose our own gender. No more tyranny, or being born in the wrong body.

In psychiatric terms such a belief that we are somehow in the wrong body was called gender dysphoria and was classified as a mental illness. Body dysmorphia is the belief that parts of our body is not ours but foreign. We have individuals who identify blind and will deliberately blind themselves.

When we are born we are born with genitalia either male or female. However, what if you don't feel like a male or a female but wish to choose.? This is where the concept of gender identity was born. We are born with sexual organs but that does not define our gender. Our gender is something we chose when we self identify as male or female. Some people chose neither and call themselves non binary.

The triumph of subjectivity is to say that ones sexual organs given to us at birth does not define our gender but rather we do. Hence there are as many genders as there are fleeting feelings. Gender is a social construct and that too must be sacrificed on the altar of subjectivity. All of our gender constructs are divorced from the physical reality of our genitalia.

To restore subjectivity to it's noble position as ruler over all, it is therefore necessary to remove the genitalia or alter the hormones to fit with our defined or preferred gender. If I self identify as A then in fact I am A. If my body does not match with A, then I can have surgery or hormone treatment to force my body to align with my subjective beliefs about myself.

This is how people can self identify as a woman, or as a cat..or as a man. It has nothing to do with reality, I have a 13 year old girl as a client only she self identifies as a boy. Her father has allowed her to have hormone treatment. She is not old enough to vote or drive but she can choose her gender and will eventually have surgery where her breasts will be removed, her ovaries and uterus taken out and she will become sterile and essentially neither male or female.

The devil of course hates all that is physical and wishes to destroy our human natures by telling us that we can choose what we are. We can return to the womb and change what was conceived into our liking. We in fact can become God and recreate ourselves in an image that we wish, or at least a gender. It is a way to defy God and say I will not serve, I will not listen but rather I WILL CHOOSE.

The consequences are disastrous. We have people raising their babies as THEYBEES claiming that the child when it grows will choose its gender and that to force a gender is somehow to do violence to the child. We all know that toddlers and babies can make excellent choices!

The devil attacks our children and tells them they can chose their gender, they can become trans..or neither..or both. They can express their sexuality, choose to be a cat, have litter boxes provided in school and affirm their uniqueness by chosing and creating their own individualized gender. It is genetics a la carte except it is not real.

Hidden from many of the data is the sad fact that those who undergo gender reassignment surgery (which is condemned in some western European countries among others) often become suicidal. In the end they are mutilated and sterile, neither male or female.

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