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The death of reason. How to win every argument!

One of the tragic consequences of our focus on subjectivity is that we have lost the capacity to debate or to employ logic.

If ´truth' is dictated by our feelings, then there can be no objective truth. If I feel good, it is good. If I feel offended, it is bad as we have defined truth in terms of our feelings.

Subjectivism in moral reasoning goes as follows: If I feel good and no one is hurt, then my behaviour is acceptable. If it is good for me, who can judge?

Our feelings in this flawed understanding, arise on their own with no external reference other than us. It is a closed system and cannot admit societal, theological or even familial pressure. Our feelings must trump everything else.

This makes any debate impossible as there is no common ground. It does, however, make it possible to win any argument simply by crying out " you hurt my feelings."

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