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Updated: Sep 24, 2023

A text is a rapid message that essentially takes the role of the telegrams. Telegrams were never long and used to convey messages such as; arriving on stagecoach stop.

Telegrams never conveyed emotional content. That was for letters!

We now have texts where people write long long messages about how they feel, how outraged they are, how they imagine how the other person is and so on. Clients show me their text messages as 'proof' of how the other person feels and treats them. A text message often is simply an unedited emotional dumpster. If my text is long enough and full of emojiis and exclamation points you will know how I feel at the moment. You will be party to my emotional tantrum and I await your reply and the battle goes on.

Letters ( NOT emails) require time and effort. An evelope, a stamp, a pen. Letter writing was meant and designed to convey deep and well thought out sentiments when face to face is not possible. A letter can be kept and carried and letters bear the mark of the writer and as such are touchstones.

Rather than rant on twitter or X, or text and press send, consider what you are doing and buy some stamps.

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