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Old time Westerns and MAID

When I was younger I used to love to watch Western movies. Typically the hero and his faithful few or family were surrounded on all sides by bad guys. The hero would give a rallying speech to his followers and they would either defeat the bad guys or like in the wonderful movie the Magnificent Seven would die trying.

Today we are surrounded on all sides by an ever encroaching evil of death. It goes by many names, MAID, planned parenthood, women's health care, euthanasia but the goal is the same to kill innocent people. In the case of abortion the unborn are silently murdered in the womb in the name of health care and women's choice.

MAID and the current epidemic of offering suicide to vulnerable and sad people is increasing. Why suffer? You can chose your death your time, sign here on the dotted line. One of my friends opted for MAID. He was a famous clock repairman and his clocks will strike in his memory. My sister was informed that one of her friends drove her Aunt a recent widow to sign to 'end her pain',

The culture of death is our enemy and we must resist and inspire others to resist and sign petitions and speak against this horror. We will either win, or like the magnificent seven die trying. In either case we will make a difference!

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