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Mrs Robinson

When I was a young adult, I loved the music of Simon and Garfunkle. I loved all their songs and thought songs like the Boxer, or lyrics such as 'I am a rock I am an island ' were brilliant.

Mrs Robinson was an otherwise upstanding citizen who was having an affair. 'laugh about it shout about when you've got to chose, everyway you look at it you lose' The song then speaks of a baseball player.

Years later as a therapist I understand that Mrs. Robinson really did lose. Her little secret, her little affair did make her lose as it does for everyone I treat who are having affairs.

An affair, a little secret is based on lies and deception. No matter how you package it, people get hurt and you lose. You cannot truly love the other if you lie to your spouse. The marriage bed was designed for two and not three.

Unfortunately in a world that values self expression and pleasure as the ultimate good, having an affait is joked about and there no longer is any shame attached to it. Like Mrs Robinson you go to the candidates debate but every way you look at it you lose.

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