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Death comes calling

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

In all the literature I have read death or the grim reaper is an unwanted and univited guest.

He comes as a surprise and is the enemy of life. He is dressed in black and sometimes carries a small scale to weigh our souls.

There was a time when death, albeit univited was very much a part of life. People prepared for the visit with prayers or good works. When death called they were prepared.

More recently we try to cheat death and imagine that we can even freeze our bodies to be restored at a later date. We deny aging and try our best to remain

forever young!

Death is now invited! Death is no longer a morose hooded figure in black but a nurse or a doctor who offers you the way to end your suffering. Whether you are depressed, or handicapped , injured or old. It is painless they whisper, there is no cure no hope but you can choose when to end it.

Death comes with a clipboard and pen. Sign here!

Today when death comes calling it has a name MAID!

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