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Christmas the agony and the ecstasy

Updated: Dec 17, 2023

I am always amazed by both the depth and the frivolity of the Chritmas season. Yesterday was our office luncheon. Our secretary got drunk and abusive. She drinks to bury her feelings.

I was at a shopping mall and felt the same way. We run and lauch ourselves into the spirit only to find it empty.

The depth of Christmas is our season of preparation where we become more aware of our distance from God. It is we who must prepare ourselves to receive Him. Too much focus is on Him coming but look how He came.

He came in obscurity, in the middle of the night appearing to shepherds. If indeed we are not prepared we will see a baby and barnyard animals but we will miss who He is, namely the saviour and God eternal.

I believe it would benefit us all if we put away the marzipan, the chocolates and eggnog and concentrated more on our spiritual journey,

Santa did not come in a sleigh drawn by reindeer, He came borne by the virgin Mary and became flesh in a stable. While Santa brings toys He brings life itself!

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