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Angels and wings

When most people think of angels or if we go to stores we see images of fluffy angels with wings, soft blonde hair and perfect smiles. Or they are depicted as chubby little cherubs. The idea is that angels are items that we can have in our homes or in a gardens and they are at best harmless decorations.

People are fascinated by angels and attempt to name their Guardian angels. However naming a guardian angel or having them as ornaments is not really understanding the function or role of angels

Today is the feast of St. Michael the Archangel. He is depicted in full battle gear and was the angel who defeated Satan when the angels rebelled. Heaven itself was silent during the battle. St. Michael is not a fluffy cherubic angel with soft wings

but a full fledged warrior who defends the honour of the church and God Himself. Among his functions it is he who will accompany us after our death to meet God. He crushed Satan in battle and continues his fight as commander of the legions in Heaven itself.

Angels are a stark reminder of the power of God. Angels are His messengers, His warriors and His emmisaries. There are 9 choirs of angels each with specific responsibilities toward God, His creation and us. They are not garden ornaments!

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